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Stick-it Lashes Foxy False eyelashes for eyelash extension DIY

Stick-it Lashes Foxy False eyelashes for eyelash extension DIY

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Stick-it Lashes Foxy False eyelashes for eyelash extension DIY

Create irresistible eyes in minutes!

Do you want dramatic, feather-light false eyelashes without the mess and fuss? Stick-it Lashes Foxy False Eyelashes for eyelash extension DIY is the solution!
These revolutionary lashes are pre-bonded no lash glue needed for easy application, still giving you the freedom to adjust the lashes for a perfect look.
Our false eyelashes are handmade from high quality plant fibers that give a very natural look, mimicking real lashes.

Why choose Stick-it DIY Lashes?

  • Quick & Easy DIY Application: Create the look of your dreams in just a few minutes with our Pre-Bond lashes. No complicated glue needed!
  • Packaging: Each application guarantees a beautiful look that lasts up to 5-7 days, which means that 1 pack of Stick-it Lashes can last for about 3 weeks with a proper treatment.
  • The freedom to adjust : Our innovative pre-bond technology allows you to adjust the lashes for a perfect fit.
  • 5-7 Days of Use: Enjoy flawless, foxy lashes for up to a week with proper care.
  • Dramatic, Foxy Look: Get eye-catching eyes with an elongating effect that adds definition and a touch of glamour.
  • Comfortable & Ultralight: The handmade band feels weightless on your eyelids, making them perfect for all day wear.

Say goodbye to glue tangles and hello to stunning, foxy eyes in minutes! With Stick-it Lashes Foxy False Eyelashes Diy Lashes Today!

Plus, Stick-it Lashes DIY cluster lashes solve your most common questions about false eyelashes:

  • Easy to apply? Yes, prepped lashes with easy application!
  • Long lasting? Enjoy up to 7 days of use!
  • Vegan? Made with love, not animals!
  • Comfortable? Ultralight band for all-day comfort.

Can I adjust them? Yes, our pre-bond technology gives you control over placement!
Experience the perfect combination of beauty, simplicity and control with Stick-it Lashes Foxy Diy eyelash extensions!

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