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Nail polish remover - Uv Gel Remover

Nail polish remover - Uv Gel Remover

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Nail polish remover - Uv Gel Remover a magic polish that removes UV gel polish quickly and easily, without damaging nails.
Just apply to the nail surface and after 3 - 5 minutes the nail polish will start to break down automatically.

1.Take a buffer file and buff off the top shiny surface of your gel polish.
2. Apply Vernish Gel Remover to each nail and let sit for approx. 3 - 5 min. Make sure the nail is well covered with Gel Remover.
Avoid contact between the skin!
3: After scraping off the varnish carefully with a pusher.

NOTE: Some gels may be difficult to remove and may remain on the nail plate.
This may require additional filing and then reapplying the Gel Remover.

WARNING: The product is intended for use on the nails, avoid skin contact, if it occurs remove everything quickly!
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