Collection: Easy False Eyelashes At Home with Stick-it Lashes

Experience the beauty of simplicity with our exclusive collection, "Easy False Lashes At Home with Stick-it Lashes".
These DIY Lashes are incredibly easy to apply and require no lash glue, all cluster lashes are pre-glued.

Products in the collection:

  • Natural Lashes- Natural lashes for everyday use.
  • Volume lashes - Extra Volume gives you a dramatic look for special occasions.
  • Foxy DIY Lashes: Adds definition and a touch of glam for a dramatic foxy eye look.
  • Newbies to False Eyelashes: Those who want to avoid complicated glue, but still have control over the placement.
  • Lashes Durability - Up to 5-7 days of durability for prolonged use.
  • Natural Fiber False Eyelashes: Our False Eyelashes are made of high quality fiber material which is closer to the real eyelashes.


  • No Glue Needed: Pre-bond kuster diy lashes for easy application.
  • Easy to Apply: One-step application from packaging to perfect salon lashes in minutes.
  • Stick-it Lashes offer a solution for quick and easy beauty without the hassle.

Renew your look in one easy step and enjoy flawless eyelash extensions every day.

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