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Bonder Nail Gel 12ml

Bonder Nail Gel 12ml

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Bonder Nail Gel works by creating a bond between the nail and the nail polish.
By using Bondergel, a surface is created on the nail that is more porous and easy to grip, which allows the nail polish to adhere better and last longer.
In addition, Bonder Nail Gel acts as a base coat and provides a smoother surface for the nail polish to be applied to.
In addition to improving the durability and smoothness of the nail polish, Bonder Nagelgel Non Acid Primer can also help strengthen the nails.
By using Bondergel regularly, you can help reduce the risk of the nails cracking or breaking.

How do I use Bonder Nail Gel?
To use Bonder Gel, start by cleaning and drying your nails thoroughly. Then apply a thin layer of Bonder Nail Gel over the entire nail and cure for 30-60 seconds in a UV lamp. Then continue to apply your regular nail polish as usual. For best results, use a top coat after applying the nail polish.

As with all nail products, avoid getting Bonder Gel in your eyes or on your skin.
If you accidentally get something in your eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult a doctor if irritation persists.
To avoid possible skin irritation, you should also avoid using the product on damaged or inflamed areas.

Content: 12ml
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