Collection: Eyelash Extension DIY Lashes Cluster

Our Eyelash Extensions DIY Eyelash Clusters are incredibly easy to apply and require no lash glue or lash bond.

These DIY Lashes Cluster false eyelashes are waterproof and last up to 7 days.

Do eyelash extensions at home in just one step without the mess and hassle of eyelash glue.

All of our Diy False Eyelashes cluster lashes are pre-glued , making it easy to apply the lashes and giving you the freedom to adjust the false eyelashes for a perfect fit.
When it's time to remove false eyelashes, it's just as easy, no lash remover needed. Just gently pull the lashes away from your own lashes.

Enjoy beautiful lashes for up to 7 days with our Eyelash Extension DIY Eyelash Clusters!

Fransförlängning DIY Fransar Kluster