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How to use UV Gel Polish - Guide

How to use UV Gel Polish - Guide

  1. Preparation: Start by cleaning your hands and nails to remove dirt and impurities. Remove any old nail polish.
  2. Push Cuticles: Gently push cuticles back with a cuticle stick.
  3. File the nail surface: Use a nail file to gently file the natural nail to remove the natural shine of the nail. This helps the gel polish adhere better.
  4. Use Primer: Apply a nail primer to your natural nail. Let dry.
  5. Apply Basecoat: Apply a thin layer of UV Gel Basecoat.
    This layer helps the polish adhere and protects your natural nail.
  6. Curing in UV/LED lamp: Place your nails in a UV or LED lamp to cure the base coat. Follow the instructions for your specific lamp regarding timing.
  7. Apply Gel Lacquer: Apply a thin layer of your chosen UV Gel Lacquer.
  8. Harden again: Place your nails in the lamp to harden your Gel Polish.
  9. Apply a second layer: If the desired color intensity is not achieved.
  10. Finish with Top Coat: Apply a layer of UV Top Coat.
    This gives a shiny finish and protects the paint.
  11. Harden the last time: Place your nails in the UV Nail Lamp to harden the Top Coat.
    Follow the instructions for your specific lamp regarding timing.
  12. Clean the nail surface: If there is a sticky film on the nails after curing, remove any sticky residue with Alcohol or Slip Solution.


NOTE: Make sure none of the products get on the cuticle, remove everything quickly if this happens.

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